Garden Pilgrimage of your life

based on the Pearls of Life


You are travelling with yourself, but is that all? For many people a pilgrimage also is a journey in which spirituality plays a role. Although a pilgrimage traditionally has a religious connotation, nowadays it does not only relate to faith, but also to life as a whole. Along the way you meet all kinds of things you give meaning to. This can be a journey of multiple days to somewhere far away, but also a walk in the garden of just a few hours.


A search for yourself, silence, reflection and possibly spirituality.


- Revival
- Relaxation
- Contemplation
- Love
- Secrets
- Suffering
- Hope
- God
- Me
- Silence


In the garden of the guesthouse a ‘route’ has been mapped out based on the Pearls of Life; this route can be the start of a journey for the rest of your life


After the journey you have made a number of personal decisions which will enrich your life

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