Personal Coaching


My guidance in a Personal Coaching Trajectory aims to support you as a coachee (entrepreneur, director or top manager) to give your own personal leadership role in accordance with the course of your company or organization. On the basis of your own formulated coaching question, you will work as a coachee, in which various paths are taken, both literally and figuratively. Weighing with various figures - to mirror Roads along an abyss - reflecting on (own) frames Balloon paths - in which ideas are central In all, experiences are shared, or sometimes surprising perspectives are presented. Questions which are constantly in the background: Are you who you want to be? Continue or take a different path?


Reflection on your own work and personal life to change based on your own coaching question and to continue in that direction with full courage

Examples of coaching questions

In respect of Work:
a. How and which priorities can I set in my work?
b. How can I position myself and deal with employees?
c. How can I shape in Changing leadership?
d. How can I combine my management function in a balanced way with substantive activities?
e. How can I arrange "own contradiction"?

In Respect of Life:
f. How can I determine more about "what I go for" and "what I stand for"?
g. How can I (better) develop my ambition for self-development?
h. How can I better deal with stress?
i. How can I maintain my individuality in the role assigned to me?
j. How can I organize "Learning from life"?
k. What plans can I make for after my retirement?


In our discussions we use the STARR method as a steppingstone: STARR stands for:
• Situation
• Task
• Approach
• Result
• Reflection

Duration + Organization

The coaching trajectory consists of Sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours. There is an agreement in principle about the number of times to be on-track. This can vary from 5 to about 10. In any case, after every three times we make a "pit stop" with the main reflection whether we progress, whether there is enough learning. It is "Go-or-No-Go" moment.In the meantime, the route can also be changed if necessary. The process will be adjusted together if necessary. After each "trip" / session there may be action points. In any case, a reflection report is written in the appropriate "logbook" and also notes of topics that need further consideration.


Focus To structure the ways we will take during a coaching session, we follow a number of direction indicators:
o Review with points from logbook
o Determining the goal and agenda
o Discussion
o Conclusions and actions
o Preview of the next session


• At the end of the route, we look back at the routes taken. What did it deliver?
• What is still open for the future. In any case, an appropriate ceremony will take place at the end.

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