Peer-to-peer coaching for intercultural groups



Two minds are better than one. Without being able to solve cultural dilemmas immediately, sharing difficult situations with others can already be a great help. How can you use the others’ insights and views on matters?


Enhance personal and team effectiveness


All sorts of situations in which values and norms lead to an important difference of opinion, such as:
- Relation of young and old
- Conventions in the workplace
- Contact of manager with employees
- Practices in which there are differences in the concept of time
- Relation-oriented or task-oriented approaches


A small group of individuals or a specific group holds meetings of about 3 hours during which the experience of one of the participants is used as a case study. After questions about this, various elements are highlighted which helps the relevant person to move on. The facilitator sometimes offers reflections in connection with the subject at hand which may be useful for the entire group. The amount and timing of the meetings is determined by the group.


Various practical perspectives that individuals or the entire team can put into practice

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