General conditions Travel

General conditions Travel

Filed by Chamber of Commerce Amersfoort under number 68591888 Part of Okwan da ho – Travel
Reference: TVL

Article 1: Introductory provisions of the conditions
These terms apply to all travel services offered by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel. This includes travel, volunteer projects, travel and volunteer activities for companies and all other services that ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel offers. Travelers, volunteers and companies are referred to as customers in these terms and conditions.

Article 2: Realization of the agreement
An agreement is concluded between ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel and the customer by accepting the customer’s offer by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel and accepting the customer’s booking form by ‘Okwan da ho Travel’. The customer will receive an electronic confirmation about this. This agreement applies up to and including the execution of the trip.

Article 3: Execution of the agreement
3.1. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel will observe the care of a good contractor when carrying out the work for the customer.
3.2. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel has the right to outsource certain activities to third parties when the execution is of the same quality.
3.3. The customer must provide all necessary information for ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel to perform its services correctly. This includes information about himself and the other customers that he has registered with regard to physical and / or mental situations, about other relevant – including medical – aspects, as well as about limited mobility, or the need to accompany underage and / or disabled travelers, pregnant women, the sick and other fellow travelers.
3.4. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel has the right to charge a reasonable amount per booking for organizational costs, communication costs and / or costs of any additional service providers involved, related to the deviation or addition. The costs of medical essentials can only be charged if the customer and “Okwan da ho” Travel agree.
3.5. If the customer falls short in his obligation to provide information and / or provides incorrect information to ‘Okwan da ho Travel, any resulting negative financial consequences will be for his own account. In addition, ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is authorized to immediately terminate the agreement with the customer if the customer provides incorrect and / or incomplete information.
3.6. The customer is aware and agrees that traveling and staying in Ghana, often referred to as a development economy, may present some risk; and that the quality standards of facilities are often lower than is usual in the Netherlands.

Article 4: Reservation Assignment
4.1. The customer can book an option with ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel up to 30 days before the desired departure date. This option remains valid for 24 hours and is automatically converted into a final booking if the customer does not cancel in time.
4.2. The price of the optional booking remains the same as long as it is reserved and is automatically converted to the final booking price.
4.3. Any cancellations of, or changes to, the optional booking can only take place on working days and at the request of the customer. If, at the request of the customer, a cancellation takes place or changes are made to reservations already made, the associated costs will be charged. In addition to the cancellation or change costs charged by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel, this may also include the costs that representatives of ‘Okwan da h Travel must incur to effect the cancellation or change.

Article 5: Payment
5.1 In connection with the guarantee scheme at STO Garant, payment is not made to the account of “Okwan da ho”, but to a third-party account of Certo Escrow. In this way, “Okwan da ho” Travel has no access to the amount paid by you until you return from your trip.
You can read more about it here STO garant
You can read more about it here Certo Escrow
5.2. The published amounts regarding the services of “Okwan da ho” Travel fees are per person, unless otherwise indicated.
5.3. The down payment of the service offered by “Okwan da ho” Travel amounts to 15% of the total travel sum plus the full premium of any insurance. The down payment must be made within 10 days of the invoice date. For payment you will receive an automatically generated email from Certo Escrow, in which the payment procedure is fully explained.
5.4. We ask you to pay the remaining amount of the travel sum 6 weeks before departure. It must be paid no later than 4 weeks before departure, unless otherwise agreed.
5.5. For bookings within 6 weeks before departure, the full travel sum must be transferred immediately.
5.6. If the (down) payment is not made or not made on time, the traveler is in default and the agreements are canceled. In this case, ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel has the right to charge the costs associated with the cancellation or to set it off against the deposit (s) received in accordance with Article 5.1. In addition, the customer owes interest of 1.5% per month on the due amount from the moment of default.
5.7. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel does not calculate exchange differences after sending the invoice with regard to the local currencies in Ghana where ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is active.

Article 6: Guarantee
‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is member of the Vereniging voor Kleine Reisorganisaties (VVKR) and has an agreement for guarantee at STO Garant.
In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel makes use of the guarantee scheme provided by STO Garant. You can check that this is the case by visiting STO Garant’s website and verfying that the organisation is listed as a participant ( You can find all information relating to STO Garant at
Whether STO Garant’s guarantee applies to a particular (travel)offer made by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is clearly stated for that offer. The Guarantee Scheme specifies what the guarantee covers and which conditions apply. You can find the Guarantee Scheme on STO Garant’s website (
If STO Garant’s guarantee applies to your booking, you do not pay the booking sum to ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel but instead into the escrow account belonging to Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow, a payment services provider registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This trust account holds your payment in reserve until the trip booked has come to an end. If services are not applied (in full and/or in time) due to the financial insolvency of ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel, STO Garant implements the guarantee. The Guarantee Scheme details how you can make a claim under the guarantee in such cases.

Article 7: Cancellation conditions
In addition to the cancellation or change costs charged by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel, this may also include the costs that representatives of ‘Okwan da ho’
Travel must incur to effect the cancellation or change:
• Cancellation up to the 60th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: Administration costs of €45;
• Cancellation up to the 42nd day (exclusive) before the day of departure: The down payment;
• Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) to the 28th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 35% of the travel sum;
• Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) to the 21st day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 40% of the travel sum;
• Cancellation from the 21st day (inclusive) to the 14th dag (exclusive) before the day of departure: 50% of the travel sum;
• Cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) to the 5th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 75% of the travel sum;
• Cancellation from the 5th day (inclusive) to the day of departure: 90% of the travel sum;
• If canceled on the day of departure or later: full travel sum.
Partial cancellation
• If a customer from a travel group cancels his share in a joint trip agreement, he will owe cancellation costs.
• If the remaining group wishes to make the trip, “Okwan da ho” Travel will make a change proposal for the remaining group (s) appropriate to the new group size for the same period.
• If the change offer is not possible or is not accepted, the agreement will be canceled for all customers and all customers will be charged cancellation fees.The total amount of cancellation money and changed travel sum will never exceed the total travel sum of the original customers. Any surplus will be deducted from the new travel sum.

Article 8: Changes / Renewal by the customer
Costs for extending or changing the trip are in accordance with the rates applicable at the time of the customer’s request for the duration of the stay and the provision of the requested services For airline tickets, the conditions of the party where the airline ticket was booked apply. In addition, any additional administration costs may be charged.

Article 9: Cancellation and modification by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel
9.1. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel has the right to terminate the agreement due to serious circumstances that are of such a nature that further commitment of ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel to the agreement cannot reasonably be required. In any case, there are important circumstances if a negative travel advice is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the area where the trip will be going. The severity of other circumstances is assessed by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel.
9.2. If the cause of the cancellation can be attributed to ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel, the resulting damage will be for the account of ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel. If the cause of the cancellation is attributable to the customer, the resulting damage will be borne by the customer. If the cause of the cancellation is neither attributable to ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel nor to the customer, both parties each bear their own damage.
9.3. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel has the right to cancel the agreement immediately if the number of registrations for a group trip is less than the required minimum number. The customer will be informed about this at least 21 days before departure. An alternative offer is sought in consultation with the customer.
9.4. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel reserves the right to change routes in the respective trips if the usual routes prove impassable.
9.5. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel reserves the right to adjust prices when regulations change. However, this does not apply if the invoice for the relevant service has already been sent to the customer.

Article 10: Liability
10.1. It is the responsibility of the customer to be in possession of the correct traveler documents (passport, visa, vaccination passport). ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel cannot be held liable if these matters are not arranged or are not arranged in time and this denies access to the country concerned and / or extra financial resources are required.
10.2. Due to the fact that information about any necessary vaccinations or other preventive measures for a specific destination are subject to change, we cannot provide you with advice as ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel. We would therefore like to refer you to those organizations that are authorized to provide information about this. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel cannot be held liable if these matters are not arranged or are not arranged in time and this denies access to the country concerned and / or extra financial resources are required.
10.3. For holders of Dutch passports, we will advise as much as possible via our website about the required border documents, their period of validity and the need for any visas per specific trip. However, you remain responsible for the correct border documents at all times. For more information, please refer to the website of the visa service.
10.4. Despite the great care with which ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel compiles its publications, these are always subject to (printing) errors. Any errors in the published information and / or prices will be communicated when booking. Obvious errors and mistakes in our publications do not bind us.
10.5. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is not liable for the correct performance of the services reserved through him. The terms of delivery of the service provider concerned, for example the airline, apply to this. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is of course responsible for the careful performance of the services provided by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel itself, such as for correct advice and correct handling of the reservation.
10.6. The liability of “Okwan da ho” Travel or third parties engaged b’ “Okwan da ho’ Travel to implement this agreement is limited to 3 times the travel sum. Travel sum means all that has been charged to the customer by ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel.
10.7. Liability for damage against which the customer is insured (for example by taking out travel and / or cancellation insurance or health insurance) is excluded.
10.8. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel is not responsible for any commitments made by personnel and / or third parties, which are notably deviated from the conditions stated in these terms or in the terms of the responsible service provider, unless such commitments are subsequently confirmed in writing.
10.9. The above limitations do not apply if the damage is caused by intent or deliberate reckless behavior of ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel or if there is death or injury on the part of the customer.

Article 11:
Complaints terms
11.1. Complaints should be passed directly by the customer in the country concerned to the representative of ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel so that ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel can resolve the complaints. If the complaint has not been resolved after returning to the Netherlands, it must be reported in writing within 30 days after the completion of the trip.
11.2. If the customer has not acted within these periods, the customer’s rights lapse.
11.3. ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel will provide a substantive response in writing no later than one month after receipt of the complaint.

Article 12: Disputes
If a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved or if no satisfaction has been provided, the customer can turn to the court in Amersfoort.

Article 13: Applicable law
Dutch law applies to every agreement between ‘Okwan da ho’ Travel and its customers.