Hiking Trip

Group tour

This hiking tour takes place in different areas of Ghana and makes it therefore very varied. The focus is on nature, but also on meeting the Ghanaians who are definitely worth being known. This is a trip where luxury is not central, but walking in a relaxed atmosphere will be important. The walking will be alternated with visiting special places, which you have to see as a tourist.

Number of days: 15 days
Participants: min. 4 - max. 13

Day 1

Straight flight to Accra. Transfer tot he guesthouse in de sub-district Adenta of Accra-North, where we will stay overnight for two nights. Logess guesthouse has a clean and cozy dormitory, but has also some self-contained double rooms. A Dutch couple is running this place, together with a Ghanaian team. Website: https://viavia.world/en/afrika/accra

Day 2

We meet our guide and learn a few words of the most widely spoken tribal language Twi. You can use this if you meet people on the way and you want to greet them. People appreciate it when you speak to them in their language. After this introduction we leave for a walk in the nature reserve of the Shai Hills. To get there we use a car or van and we bump the roads to this site (about 75 minutes). Along the way there is a lot to see in the villages we pass. The Shai Hills Resource Reserve covers an area of 51 square kilometers and consists of savanna plains with some rocky hills. Located on the outskirts of the city of Accra, this reserve is known for its wildlife such as antelope, deer, rare bird species and the many baboons that sometimes stand by the side of the road. 2 to 3 hours to walk. We start with a not too long walk, because it needs some adjustment getting used to the temperature. Water will be a welcome refreshment!

Day 3

After an early breakfast we drive further inland with the aim of the Volta Region, where we will take beautiful walks through the tropical rainforest. It will be a drive of approximately 4 hours, interrupted by a visit to / at the Akosombo dam. There is a lot to see in the villages that we pass along the way. Overnight at the Tagbo Lodge in Liate Wote (between Ho and Hoe). Two nights. No website available / no internet on location.

Day 4

We take a climbing hike to the Mountain Afadjato (855 mtrs) and a hike to the Tagbo Falls. Along the way we see what is grown in crops and what has been felled in trees. Fortunately, reforestation is also being done, but this requires years of patience to get it right again. Approx. 5 hours of walking, ascending and descending.

Day 5

We leave the Volta Region and travel to the Eastern Region, where we spend the night in the highest habitable place in Ghana, in Abetifi. Het Ramseyer Training Centre is een historische plek waar in 1864 Fritz Ramseyer gestart is met een zendingspost. The center is still used to train people within the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) to various functions. The climate is much cooler. Because the journey is quite long, a short walk to a cave is a pleasant walk, alternating with sitting on the bus. Approx. 1 hour walk to and from the cave. Overnight at the RTC (2 or 3 person rooms with private bathroom).

Day 6

We go down the mountain by bus again and travel to Lake Bosomtwee, a sacred lake, located 30 km south of the large city of Kumasi. We stay at a resort on the lake and after the hike to the top of the crater we can take a lovely swim in the lake. Approx. 2 h. walking, ascending and descending. Cottages (2, 3, 4 persons) in an idyllic setting, Cocoa Village. No single room. Two nights. Website: http://cocoa-village.com

Day 7

Today a long walk around the lake is on the program. We encounter many villages along the way and see how the fishermen catch their fish. Because it is a sacred lake, a number of regulations have been drawn up by the fetish priests, such as the ban on entering the lake with iron. The fishermen therefore sit on a wooden board and swish their net above the head to cast the net. This is definitely worth a look. At the end of the walk we will return to our resort. Swim if necessary. 8 h. hiking, 200 m up and down.

Day 8

Today a long bus trip to MOLE, a nature resource centre, where we will make some walking safaris. On the way we see the image change from tropical rainforest to savanna area. Home construction is also changing from square houses to round huts From the platform at the restaurant you have a beautiful view over the area where the walks will take place. If you are lucky you can see the elephants taking a bath in the lake. 8 h. travel day. In the motel where we are going to stay for 3 nights. 2 and 3 person rooms are available. Website: https://molemotelgh.com/home

Day 9

The walking safari start at 7 am with a guide. These walks can lead to surprising encounters with animals (elephants, antelopes, wild boars, etc.). Breakfast is served after the hike. Only in the afternoon, from 3 pm, safaris are offered again, either on foot or with a special car where you climb on top and occasionally stop to continue walking. By car you come a little further into the park. During the day you can enjoy the view from the platform, but you can also swim in the pool at the restaurant. Approx. 3 h. walking at a time, including ascent and descent.

Day 10

If desired, a morning safari can be made again. After breakfast by bus to a village on the river Mole, where you can take a boat with a guide. A boat trip where you can enjoy the peace and beautiful birds. A visit to the special mosque of Larabanga is also possible. From there you can hike back to Mole Motel. Approx. 3 h. or walk longer.

Day 11

Another travel day. By bus to Kintampo, where a wonderful walk of over 150 steps takes you to the Kintampo waterfall. In the rainy season, a wide waterfall of about 70 meters can be seen. A fresh cooling awaits you there. Approx. 1 h. hike to the Kintampo waterfall. After the waterfall we continue to Nkoranza, where there are simple guesthouses on the HandinHand site. HandinHand is an NGO that supports children up to young adults with a (mental) disability and gives them a better life than staying in their village where it is still taboo to have a child with a disability. The cabins (1, 2, 3 and 4 persons) at HiH do not always have the bathroom in the room, but in the open air (walled). 1 person room is possible (no extra costs) Website: https://operationhandinhand.nl/?page_id=95

Day 12

The children at HiH go for a one-hour walk on the property every morning at 7 a.m., because it's good for them to keep moving. Any guest who wants can participate in this ritual. Then the children eat and go to different classes, workshops or therapies. There is also a breakfast for the guests of the hike group. After that there is a short tour on the compound of HiH and the journey continues to the South, the coast of Ghana. It is a long drive again, but at Assin Manso there is another stop where the slaves got their last bath before they were sold on the slave market. A poignant event from the past. Finally, the trip goes to Ko-Sa Beach Resort, where you can relax for a few days. Website: https://ko-sa.com. Rooms with (shared) bathroom. Two nights. Approx. 1 hour of walking at HiH and 1 hour of walking at Assin Manso.

Day 13

Today we first drive to Kakum, a nature park with a canopé walk between the big forest giants. Then a visit to Elmina Castle, one of the many slave fortresses of Ghana, in which the Netherlands and Belgium were involved. In the afternoon back to Ko-Sa Beach for a nice swim, walk on the beach or just relax. Approx. 1 hour walk at Kakum and possibly. walk through the beach to a village.

Day 14

Relaxing on the beach or swimming in the sea until it is time to take the bus to Accra (4 hours drive). Do the last shoppings in Accra. Night flight to NL or BE

Day 15

Arrival in Amsterdam of Brussel.

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