Intercultural communication


Is the other really different? What you say and do, expresses more about yourself than you may expect. The other might be able to help you to think about that and may help you to change. In meeting the other, the community, customs and philosophies of life, a mirror is also held up to you regarding your own values and norms. Other cultures, in fact, help you to reflect and may change your attitude.


Communicate better with people of other cultures, where differences are no longer obstacles and where the connection between you may be emphasised and elaborated.


• Cultural greetings
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Cultural differences and dilemmas
• Cultural identity: high-context versus low-context cultures
• Intercultural sensitivity with regard to hierarchy and authority, relations
• Factors for cultural adaptations


The programme can have a specific focus:
- Working in a Ghanaian context
- Living in Ghana
- Exchange of intercultural teams


A day programme of at least 2 mornings/afternoons is most effective. Based on the experiences this can be expanded for specific, personal or situational difficulties.


The programme is always made to measure, based on the learning needs of the participants. The location will be determined by mutual agreement and depends on the size of the group.


After this training you are better able to decide when and to what extent you adapt to the cultural setting or remain with your own convictions

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