Ghana is not the country for mass tourism,

but it has a lot to offer for the curious tourist who wants to discover more of the world.
Ghana’s historical ties with the Netherlands go back a long way, although that is not always something to be proud of.
A visit to the slave fortresses in Cape Coast and Elmina provides strong impressions and gives a realistic picture of the situation of the slaves at the time.
When traveling through Ghana, this is one of the building blocks that should definitely be visited.
Below are more building blocks for a trip through Ghana.
It is up to the traveler to determine the choice of destinations and the mode of transport through Ghana.
Remember that there is a lot possible to suit everyone’s wishes and budget.

Building blocks for your trip through Ghana:

Close to the Logess Guesthouse, there is a lot to see. Okwan da ho uses its own car (a Toyota Highlander), but you can also opt for a local taxi or minivan, which is called a trotro. Whatever you prefer. Okwan da ho organises the following building blocks and guarantees an unforgettable trip. The organisation of the trip varies from advice to arranging everything. If you have other ideas or wishes? In consultation, a lot is possible. Please contact us for more information. It is also possible to join a specific themed trip.
Building blocks

Why travel with “Okwan da ho” to Ghana?

Because Henk & Joa lived and worked in Ghana in the 90s, they are familiar with many things that play a role in Ghana. Due to their involvement in an educational project, the farewell was not final in 1999, but they were regularly back in Ghana. If there was interest, they traveled with a group of people around Ghana to show them the beautiful places of Ghana and to experience encounters with people. Another facet is the cultural richness that Ghana offers and that comes up in many situations, such as the naming, the Adinkra symbols, the chieftancy, etc. If you are in Ghana you cannot ignore this culture and let yourself be enrich.Ghana has a lot to offer in many ways. Okwan da ho would like to give that depth to your journey by really meeting the people and the culture.
Theme trips


Everyone is different, so it is important to tailor the personal wishes for a trip through Ghana. But also as a group you have specific wishes what you want to do with each other. It is important that there is good communication with the person or with the group. That inventory is an important first step. This will be followed by a design for a travel program, tailored to the wishes of the applicant(s). If there is an agreement there will be a final proposal and the necessary reservations will be made.
Joa is an expert in organizing trips and likes to arrange the program for individuals and groups. It is also possible that a trip will be drawn up on the basis of a special theme. You can think of a culture trip, a nature trip, an art trip or a cocoa trip. This can be put together in consultation with Joa.

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How it works
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Who is she?

Joa Bosch-Mulder (in Ghana named Adwoa Adobea) is trained as a Physical Education teacher and gained 13 years of teaching experience as a gym teacher at a secondary school and at a school for children with a special need.
Henk & Joa lived and worked in Ghana from 1993 until the end of 1999. Together with their two children, they have enjoyed working there and have been involved in the setting up of an educational project, the AMO Program. See
When she came back to the Netherlands (2000), Joa started working for the Edukans Foundation, a development organization that focuses on quality education for everyone. She has accompanied many trips with young people, students and teachers to various developing countries. She is dedicated to working with people in / from other cultures and gives her new insights every time. After a reorganization, Joa started working at COA, as a program supervisor at the AZC in Zeist. In the meantime, Joa has completed a study as a tour guide and has received the ANVR quality mark. In January 2017 her job at COA stopped and she took steps to return to Ghana as a tour guide.