What are the roads to your destination?

‘Plot a new course’ for the road of your life


Do you still have dreams or ideals? Are you the person you would like to be? Your work and life are okay, but nevertheless… Have you attained what you wanted? How far are you? Should you just continue or follow a new route? Where do you find your challenges? What gets you really excited?


Reflection on your own life to then continue in good spirits


• Kenmerken van Ghanese culturen
• Verbale en non-verbale communicatie-uitingen
• Kennismaking met Twi (de grootste lokale taal, die van de Akan)
• Praktische aanwijzingen voor de omgangsvormen in Ghana
• Belangrijke waarden in de Ghanese identiteit, zoals gastvrijheid, verhouding jong-oud, hiërarchie, nadruk op het relationele, etc.


The programme is a personal voyage of discovery, in which the participant is assisted and coached.


Factors of real enthusiasm Ways of life and career anchors


Sessions of several days with various perspectives to
- consider personal values now and in the future;
- develop initiatives for personal choices in your own life.


The programme is always made to measure, based on the personal learning needs. In individual sessions or in sessions with small groups.


Determine ‘what gets you excited’ and ‘who you are’ Ambition for self-development

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