Slowing down – stress resistance

– having a different outlook on life


It is so difficult to truly relax… How can you structurally get a different attitude towards ‘busy-busy-busy’? Living in a culture in which time plays a different role, helps you to become aware of your own rat race, or maybe not. Do you allow yourself a time-out or does that make you restless? And why do you feel so restless?


- Acknowledging the handling of stress factors in life and work
- Supplying tools for sustainable personal change


- Characteristics of stress
- Insights in what your personal stress factors are and what generates them
- Reflections on ‘What is actually what is?’
- Personal drivers and stumbling blocks
- Personal motivations and false expectations


Workshops of one or more days during which via various approaches, such as cases, reflections, meditations, we work on personal stress resistance


Tools to handle stress in your own personal situation and how to take the right attitude

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