Introduction to the Ghanaian way of thinking and acting


Life is so different here… It is quite hard to take it all in. When you know something, it is easier to give meaning to it, to internalise it and possibly even understand it.


Gain an idea of what is specific about Ghanaian cultures and get an insight in the meaning of the things attracting your attention


• Characteristics of Ghanaian cultures
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Introduction to Twi (the most widely spoken local language, that of the Akan)
• Practical tips on how to behave in Ghana
• Important values of the Ghanaian identity, i.e. hospitality, relation between young and old, hierarchy, emphasis on relations, etc.


The programme can have a specific focus:
- Working in a Ghanaian context
- Living in Ghana
- Exchange of intercultural teams


A programme of 2 hours to up to a few days can be followed, depending on the needs


The programme is always made to measure, based on the learning needs of the participants. The location will be determined by mutual agreement and depends on the size of the group.


By experiencing various aspects of Ghanaian cultures, you are better able to really live in that culture, to cope with diversity and to derive value from it.

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