General conditions training & coaching

Terms and conditions.
Filed with the Chamber of Commerce Amersfoort under nummer 68591888

Part Okwan da ho Training,
Reference: TNG

Article 1: Introductory provisions of the conditions
1.1 These terms apply to all services concerning workouts which ‘Okwan da ho’ Training offers. This includes training, workshops or (coaching) programs for individuals, companies or organizations and all other services that ‘Okwan da ho’ Training offers. Individuals, companies or organizations are referred to as clients in these general terms and conditions.
1.2 Deviations from these conditions are only binding if and insofar as they have been confirmed in writing by ‘Okwan da ho’ – Training.
1.3 An agreement is established between the client and ‘Okwan da ho’ Training by acceptance of the client based on the proposal by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training.
1.4 The client receives an electronic confirmation of this agreement and the program.
1.5 This agreement applies up to and including the execution of the assignment, hereinafter referred to as “training” or “coaching”.

Article 2: Offer and agreement
2.1   An offer is valid for a maximum of 14 days, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the offer proposal. Acceptance of the offer after the stated term has no binding conditions for ‘Okwan da ho’ Training.
2.2   The agreement between the client and ‘Okwan da ho’ Training is concluded by confirmation by the client of the proposal or in case of “open registrations” by signing the appropriate registration or registration form. In case of coaching by signing the coaching contract by the coach.
2.3   Verbal commitments bind us only after we have explicitly confirmed this verbal promise in writing.

Article 3: Cancellation by the client
3.1   The client for a training or coaching has the right to participate in, or cancel the assignment for a training or coaching by email, stating the reason.
3.2   In case of cancellation more than one month before the start of the training or coaching, the client is obliged to pay the administration costs.
3.3   In the event of cancellation between one month and two weeks before the start of the training or coaching, the client is obliged to pay 50% of the agreed amount.
3.4   In the event of cancellation between two weeks and a week, the client is obliged to pay 75% of the fully agreed amount.
3.5   In case of cancellation less than a week, the client is obliged to pay the full agreed amount.
3.6   If the client or the participant designated by the client terminates participation in the interim after the start of the training or coaching or otherwise does not participate in the training or coaching, the client is not entitled to any refund.

Article 4: Cancellation by  ‘Okwan da ho’ Training
4.1   In case of a planned training ‘Okwan da ho’ Training has the right to cancel a training with reasons, or to refuse the participant designated by the client. In these cases, the client is entitled to a refund of the full amount already paid by this client. Refund will be made within 14 days.
4.2  ‘Okwan da ho’ Training has the right to change the training location for urgent reasons.
4.3   ‘Okwan da ho’ Training will discuss with participants less than the minimum number of participants about cancellation, continuation, or rescheduling of the training.

Article 5: Communication
5.1   The client will provide ‘Okwan da ho’ Training in good time with all cooperation, data and information, which ‘Okwan da ho’  Training needs necessary in order to be able to perform the assigned work.
5.2   Agreed equipment, materials, data carriers and / or data that the client will provide ‘Okwan da ho’ Training must meet the specifications specified by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training in advance.
5.3   As a rule, questions of an administrative nature will be answered within a week. If a letter requires a longer processing time, the client will receive a message within a week and an indication will be given when he can expect an answer.

Article 6: Modifications
6.1   ‘Okwan da ho’ Training is always willing to consider a request for changes, additions, and corrections to agreed work. However, ‘Okwan da ho’ Training is in no way obliged to implement it if there are other compelling arguments.
6.2   Such requests can only be made expressly and in writing.
6.3   When ‘Okwan da ho’ Training agrees to the changes, additions or correction of agreed activities, this may affect the agreed price and / or the time of execution or delivery. Additional work and extra deliveries are always charged to the client by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training according to the applicable rates. Although less work can lead to a reduction of the agreed price, ‘Okwan da ho’ – Training reserves the right to use the costs incurred by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training, the hours not otherwise used economically, as well as charge the lost profit.

Article 7: Confidentiality
7.1   Both parties are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information that they have obtained from each other or from another source in the context of their agreement. Information is considered confidential if this has been communicated by the other party or if this arises from the nature of the information. In the event of termination of an agreement, for whatever reason, the afore mentioned confidentiality obligations will continue to apply.

Article 8: Price
8.1   The prices of ‘Okwan da ho’ Training are exclusive of sales tax and other government levies.
8.2   If the client is not subject to VAT, ‘Okwan da ho’ Training still has the right to charge VAT.

Article 9: Payment
9.1   Unless otherwise stated in writing and explicitly by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training, payment for the work performed and / or products delivered by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. Open enrollment courses are an exception to this.
9.2   Payment for an ‘open registration’ training must be paid in advance and 14 days before the start date.
9.3   If the client has not paid an invoice within the aforementioned payment term, ‘Okwan da ho’ Training is entitled to charge the current daily interest on the amount of this invoice per month or part thereof, without any summons or notice of default being required. calculated from the due date. If and as soon as ‘Okwan da ho’ Training subsequently hands over the debt collection claim, the client will also owe ‘Okwan da ho’ Training the amount of all costs related to the collection, both judicial and extrajudicial, that are set at 15% of the amount to be collected with a minimum of € 500 per unpaid invoice.

Article 10: Copyright
10.1 The brochures, project and training materials published by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training are copyrighted by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training. Used work by third parties is reported as well. The client will not publish data from parts and / or extracts or any material without the express written permission of “Okwan da ho” Training.

Article 11: Liability
11.1 ‘Okwan da ho’ Training can only be held liable for damage up to the extra costs that the client has to incur, because someone else has to complete the unfinished assignment.
‘Okwan da ho’ Training is never liable for any delay in the execution of the agreed work. Any liability for trading loss is also expressly excluded.
11.2 ‘Okwan da ho’ Training is not liable for damage caused by the acts or omissions of the client himself or by persons appointed by the client or for which the client is otherwise responsible.
11.3 The client indemnifies’ Okwan da ho ‘Training and its employees or external parties who carry out training or coaching on behalf of’ Okwan da ho ‘Training, against claims from third parties with regard to damage caused by the use of’ Okwan da ho’Training provided service and / or material.

Article 12: Disputes
12.1 The agreement with the client is exclusively governed by Dutch law.
12.2 All disputes will be settled by the competent Dutch court, even if the client is established abroad and a treaty provision would designate a foreign court as competent.
12.3 Disputes arising from an agreement to which these General Terms and Conditions apply and which do not fall within the competence of the subdistrict court will be brought before the competent court in the place of establishment of “Okwan da ho” Training.

Article 13: Reflection period
13.1 After registering for an open training or coaching, the participant has a reflection period of seven working days.

Article 14: Complaints procedure
14.1 A complaint from the client will be responded to within 2 weeks.
14.2 ‘Okwan da ho’ Training strives to handle a complaint within four weeks. This is done confidentially.
14.3 If processing takes longer, the client will be informed.
14.4 Handling is in line with first of all making an effort to solve the problem together.
14.5 If the problem cannot be solved together, an independent third party is called in. The third party can be a jointly chosen mediator. The third party’s decision is then binding. Complaints are registered and kept for three years.

Article 15: Implementation, reporting and warranty
15.1 ‘Okwan da ho’ Training guarantees that work will be carried out in a professional manner and to the best of its knowledge and ability.
15.2 The guarantee for continued professionalism lies in the fact that regular internal consultation takes place through peer consultation on relevant themes from our field. In addition, interaction feedback takes place and didactic working methods, study materials and other ideas are exchanged with fellow trainers.
15.3 Training by ‘Okwan da ho’ Training carried out is evaluated both in writing and orally. These evaluations are of course for the client. At the same time, they are an important part of the internal quality control of ‘Okwan da ho’ Training.