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In the 1990s, Henk and Joa Bosch worked and lived for over six years in Ghana with their two children and they have not been able to shake off that experience. This is partly due to their warm encounters with many friendly Ghanaians, partly due to their jobs and partly due to the AMO Programme, an educational project they started in 1996 and in which they are still involved.

Joa (Adwoa Adobea in Ghana) was a PE teacher before leaving for Ghana. After returning to the Netherlands in 1999, she worked for Edukans, a development agency aimed at high-quality education for everyone. She has guided numerous tours with young people, students and teachers to various developing countries. In 2015, Joa has obtained a Tour Manager certificate at IVOR and is registered with the ANVR (the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators). Working with people in and from different cultures is something she truly enjoys and each time this provides her with new insights. She is highly skilled in organising trips and arranging programmes for both individuals and groups.

Henk (Kwadwo Kissi in Ghana) started studying theology after graduating from the sports academy. He taught both PE and religion for about seven years. After that, he got interested in consulting in church matters and eventually he fully switched to being a consultant. He likes to train people in all kinds of settings and that was his reason to decide to come and work in Ghana in the 1990s. He worked there for more than six years as teacher and member of the management team. After his return to the Netherlands, he specialised in intercultural communication and interpersonal skills and in training and coaching trainers. He did this for approximately seventeen years at ICCO and Kerk in Actie. Upon his return to Ghana, he started working as Senior Trainer/Consultant.


Ghana is not a country for mass tourism, although it has a lot to offer to the curious tourist wanting to discover more of the world.

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The way you travel the world is the way you travel life… Who goes his way, meets all kinds of persons!

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The Logess Guesthouse is an excellent place to start your tour through Ghana as well as a place to come home to.

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ViaVia Accra has a pleasant, multicultural feel thanks to the diversity of cultures you meet here, as well as the comfortable facilities and the large number of activities

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